Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Skype is a great tool.  It can help students and teachers because it is a free voice or video call on your computer.  Teachers can skype other classrooms.  This way students can connect with others from anywhere, instead of just the same people in class everyday.  Students will be able to learn more and  it'll expand students education.  Skype is also good for other reasons beside education.  While typing an essay on your computer, you could quickly call someone in your class if you had a question.  I think skype is a great  way to connect.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Once a "Cheater", Always a "Cheater"

Once a "Cheater", Always a "Cheater" I agree with this article.  Students are constantly copying homework during homeroom, lunch, or in other classes.  If a student takes a test before lunch and then sits with their friend who has to take the same test later on in the day, he or she could easily share all of the answers.  Many think that this is just helping out their friends but teachers think it is considered cheating.  It is hard to put a stop to this cheating because there is no way of knowing when they are copying from eachother or sharing answers on a test or quiz.  Some people argue that when schools become more technology based, cheating is going to increase.  Students are able to cheat through technology or not.  Giving all students their own laptops is not going to make them cheat anymore than they did before.

Monday, November 15, 2010

iPads for Students

I think iPads for students would be a good idea.  They have a lot of helpful learning apps, like the ones on this article iPads Apps for the Classroom.  Students could use iPads for graphing, calculating, reading books, writing and notetaking, and much more. These apps could be very helpful for example, notetaking would be good for students who have a tough time keeping up with the notes or if their handwritting is llegible. It would also make all students more organized.  Everything they need can be on one machine.  Students won't have to carry aroung multiple textbooks, notebooks, and folders. IPads would be a great thing for high schoolers to  have.

Friday, November 12, 2010

To Write Love on her Arms To Write Love on her Arms day at BHS.  Today, November 12th, students are asked to write love on your armsto raise awaeness for teenagers dealing with depression and isolation.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Formspring is a website that anyone can write a comment to someone saying what they think of that person.  People commenting are allowed to post anonymously.  The formspring user reads the comments and can comment back.  The comments are posted for anyone to read.  I personally don't like formspring because it causes a lot of cyberbullying.  People can make fun of others or say mean things to them without that person knowing who said it.  I don't think it's right to be able to post negative comments without getting in trouble. I do not reccomend making a formspring account.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Why do I have to study [Fill in the Blank]?" I find this to be an interesting topic. Sometimes I feel the same why and wonder why its so important to have to know everything being taught in school.  Some of what we learn seems pointless and wont help us in the future at all.  History can be interesting to know, but I don't find it important at all.  I think elementry and middle school is where we should learn how to do basic things like math, reading, and writing.  But by the time we get into high school I think we should focus more on things that we are interested in learning more about.  If we start learning information about our future careers in high school students would be more successful in their future career.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

RSA Animate Video

This video talks about education in schools.  I think it is true that we could improve the education . One of the points the video brought up was how some kids cl A solution to this wasses are too easy for them and some too hard. ould not to place kids in grades by age, but by their ability.  This way, the students will learn so much more.  Everyone would be able to challenge themselves and take classes appropriate for their level.  The bad thing about this is that students wouldn't be able to interact with people their own age.  Some kids who are really smart would be working with kids a lot older than they are and if they have a tough time in school then they will be around kids too young for them. There are a lot of educational improvements needed in order to make every kid to learn their best and be succesful.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Prezi is a website where you can create presantations online.  You can create a presentation and embed it on a blog or website.  They would be helpful for students to make presentations for class.  Instead of using powerpoint, students could use prezi to make it a better presentation Prezi gas many cool features.  You can zoom in on text in the slides to help show your ideas better.  You can also add images and resize or rotate them to make it exactly how you want it.  You can create a storyline that represents your ideas in order and it can be changed around after.  Prezi seems like a really cool website that could be useful for students creating presentations.  It would also be useful for teachers to present informationin a more fun way that students can learn from.  I recomend that students and teachers check out the website.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Get a Voki now!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Facebook Photos: Your Delete Doesn't Mean "Delete" This post talks about being safe online.  It is important for people to be careful and watch what they post online.  According to the article, facebook keeps photos even after they have been deleted.  There is acces to them at anytime.  I think that teenagers should know this information, it'll help them from making bad decisions in the future.  Facebook is a great tool if used the right way.  No body should post anything on facebook that they don't want seen by anyone.  Teens should also realize that they need to think before posting a picture or anything online because deleting it won't make it go away.  If  there is anything bad or inapropriate on someones facebook account, it could affect them badly later on.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Cheating in School My thoughts on why students cheat is that they do it because they might be getting behind and not have time to study. With a few different classes and homework and projects to do and essays to write for each class, there is no time to study for tests.  I think that kids just have too much work and get stressed out because of everything they neeed to do.  There is more pressure on them to do well in High School because students are starting to think about college and want to get in to the best school possible. In order to get good grades, some students could cheat by looking at others papers, texting answers or asking students who already took the test. Cheating needs to stop because it isn't fair ffor anyone to get grades they don't deserve.  Teachers could trake away phones and seperate students to cut down on cheating.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Create Your Own Personal Learning Network | NEA Member Benefits

Create Your Own Personal Learning Network NEA Member Benefits Personal Learning Networks are good for college and high school students. Students can connect with others around their age that same the share interests or have the same passion. They can share information and become known alone through blogging, twitter, and other ways online. PLN's can keep expanding as you find more people to connect with. It'll benefit everyone for their future.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A personal learning network is a group of people or social netwokring sites that you interact with and learn from.  Online networking can help build a PLN. I don't know what I'm interested in or want to become in a few years.  But, when I found something I wam passionate about I will connect with other people who share the same interest.  You can connect with people through twitter, facebook, or blogs.  Making a blogging account and blogging frequently is a good way to put your opinions and thoughts out there and hear about what other people have to say to.  I can comment on someones blog and get connected with people from all over the world.  This will help meet new people who share the same interest as me and we can learn from eachother. Buliding a personal learning network would be a good thing for me to do for my future.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

BHS Web 2.0 Class: What Are Your Thoughts On This Video?

BHS Web 2.0 Class: What Are Your Thoughts On This Video? I think their school should not have banned facebook. I do agree that facebook and other social networking sites can be dangerous. Cyberbullying and other innapropriate behavior could be going on on these sites. But, i feel that facebook is very helpful. It is an easy way to be able to communicate with any one you know around the world, and meet new pwople too. It can also help you in your proffesional life. I think that facebook is a great tool that everyone should be allowed to use, as long as students know what's right and what's not and make good decisions.Facebook should not be banned.

Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Easy Steps For Students To Establish Their Personal Brand Using Social Networking

I agree with this article. I think that social networking sites can help students with their future. People always say bad things about facebook and other social networking sites. These sites can actually be good and helpful foreveryone. According to the article, you can show yourself to different buisnesses, people, and cultures helps you become a professional and succeed financially later on in life. Setting up a seperate account from friends is a good idea so you canlook more proffesional to others. This article had good ideas and i really enjoyed it. 5 Easy Steps For Students To Establish Their Personal Brand Using Social Networking

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Web 2.0 has been a fun class. I made accounts on a lot of websites such as twitter, facebook, delicious, and google. Web 2.0 is interesting and it's helping me figure out a lot more about technology. The class is very helpful and I like it.
Hello I am Kerry. I am new to blogger. This is my first post that I am doing from web 2.0 class.