Friday, January 14, 2011

Technology Acceptable Use Policy

2.) Acceptable Usse Policy
Two different Technology Acceptable Use policies.
Students using technology in school cannot go on any websites unless the teacher allows you to.  Students can't play games on their iPad or use any apps that aren't educational during class.  Students can't access their email without permission or be using any online chat during class. No files can be downloaded onto the iPad or computer without permission.  Any softwares can't be installed unless the teacher tells you to do so. During a class, students cannot be listening to music on their iPad.

Students who do not follow these rules will recieve a detension or a suspension.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Students with iPads (Web 2.0 Final)

Last weeks classes using the iPads were fun.  With every student having a device in the wireless network, a lot of things are going to change.  There won't be much writing in notebooks, notes will be typed and saved on the iPad.  textbooks might be used online instead of using the actual textbook in class or at home.  The way the class is run will be different to.  I think having iPads is great, although I'd prefer laptops.  The iPads are helpful because they have a lot of educational apps and students wouldn't need to bring much else to class.  In my opinion, laptops are probably more helpful.  I feel like they'd be quicker and easier to use than iPads. Also, some people have a tough time with touch screens but after awhile, everyone will get used to it.