Monday, November 29, 2010

Once a "Cheater", Always a "Cheater"

Once a "Cheater", Always a "Cheater" I agree with this article.  Students are constantly copying homework during homeroom, lunch, or in other classes.  If a student takes a test before lunch and then sits with their friend who has to take the same test later on in the day, he or she could easily share all of the answers.  Many think that this is just helping out their friends but teachers think it is considered cheating.  It is hard to put a stop to this cheating because there is no way of knowing when they are copying from eachother or sharing answers on a test or quiz.  Some people argue that when schools become more technology based, cheating is going to increase.  Students are able to cheat through technology or not.  Giving all students their own laptops is not going to make them cheat anymore than they did before.

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